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Tear Jerker / Code Black

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  • Pretty much the entirety of "Diagnosis of Exclusion", which shows the aftermath of Gina's death and Malaya's sexual assault.
  • The ending scene of "The Son Rises", with the cast of The Lion King singing to a terminal patient as he dies.
  • Leanne's reaction to Charlotte's death. The look on her face is just....
  • Mario breaking down in Angus' arms after his father dies.
  • The Reveal in "Unfinished Business."
  • Campbell's reaction to losing Heather in "Fallen Angels". And Mario's reaction. And everybody's reaction.
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  • Leanne and Ariel being pulled apart in "The Devil's Workshop", as Ariel desperately begs for help and Leanne fights to stay with her.
  • Ariel's pleading sobs for Leanne to stay with her when Leanne seems to be dying.
  • Caitlin Canty's heartbreaking rendition of "Stand By Me", with Jillian Murray reading the Hippocratic Oath as Heather dies.
  • The death of Jesse's brother.

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