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Tear Jerker / Cloture Of Yellow

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  • Allen's murder of Leonhart at the behest of Riliane. During the duel itself Leonhart, drunk as he was, could likely have won the battle—but he couldn't bring himself to kill the boy he'd raised as his son. Germaine's reaction to finding Leonhart's body washed up on the riverbank is also heartbreaking.
    • While some have claimed this adds Shakespearean levels of narm for how long his death ends up being, the scene is extended in the revised version to expand more on Leonhart and Allen.
  • Allen's discovery of Michaela's death. It's expanded on more from her perspective in the second novel but it affects everyone, and traumatizes him so badly that he screams for an entire paragraph.
  • Riliane's talk with Allen about how trying to be like her mother left her Lonely at the Top as she prepares to be captured and killed.
  • Allen’s famous Twin Switch at the climax, sacrificing himself so that Riliane can live. Even worse? It doesn’t fool Kyle and Germaine. Allen lies to Kyle about killing Michaela so the former isn’t affected. And when Germaine realizes the deception and begs him to escape, he confesses that he killed Leonhart to keep her angry with him. After letting him be executed she's still consumed with regret for sending the boy who she'd loved as a brother to his death.
    • Similarly, Chartette also breaks down when Allen dies.
    • In the revised VG version of the scene, seeing Allen's elation at having saved Riliane from the fate that Elluka predicted transform into horror as he realizes how terrified he is of dying, wishing he could have escaped with Germaine or Riliane.
    Allen: Why am I here? I'm still fourteen years old.

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