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Tear Jerker / Class Trip Crush

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  • In Homare's sequel, after the incident at study camp is all over and Homare and the protagonist have resolved the drama their relationship has been going through, life settles down to normal and they get back to focusing on studying for their exams... and then, the night before Homare's all-important university entry exam, his mother has a seizure and has to go into emergency heart surgery, from which she has at best a fifty-fifty chance of recovery. Mrs. Midorikawa asks to be taken off anesthesia long enough to talk to her children, who are all the more distraught at what she clearly intends to be her last words to them if the surgery doesn't go well. Homare is so devastated that he breaks down and cries for the first time since his father died... and he still has to go take his exam the next morning, because if he doesn't he'll lose his chance at getting the scholarship he needs to go to college.

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