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Tear Jerker / City Hunter

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  • Most of the girls Ryo meets fall in love with him. But as Kaori is the one he truly loves, they never really have a chance, and a few of them know this.
    • This may include Saeko as well.
  • Kaibara's death. Sure, he was the Big Bad and a monster... But he had realized this and
challenged to Ryo hoping to lose and be killed by his son, and Ryo wanted to kill him for the same reason.
  • Kaori is revealed to have a long-lost relative, a sister named Sayuri Tachiki who works as a newspaper editor. She hires Ryo and Kaori to protect her from criminals after exposing their practices, and also to reunite with Kaori. She is horrified by Kaori being allowed to use a gun and seeks to take her away from Ryo for her protection, but at the end of the tale she leaves Kaori with Ryo, without telling her of their connection.
  • The one time Ryo let his mask slip, and admitted he's dangerously close to becoming suicidal and it's only Kaori and his friends, plus the occasional visit to a place with a magnificent view of Shinjuku, that keep him from becoming a Death Seeker.
    • Made worse in City Hunter Rebirth by JJ, who has almost the same backstory as Ryo (including surviving Angel Dust) but never had someone dear to keep him grounded... And is a ruthless killer who once took out two gangs because they had both hired to go after the other, hopes one day he'll be put out of his misery (to the point of occasionally playing Russian Roulette after completing a job), and threatens Kaori's and Saori's lives to get Ryo to fight and hopefully kill him.

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