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Tear Jerker / Circles

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As stated in the main page, Circles may look like a fun and colorful comic book, but looks can be deceiving. This a very heavy and emotional story that deals with deep grief and loss. Try not to get too attached to these characters before it's too late.

  • Marty and Taye are both depressed to hear that Taye is going away on performance tours for nine months.
  • After Ken had unprotected sex with Bo, he feared the worst and he got tested. When the results came in, he received a phone call, and it turns out that the results were negative. He was happy to hear that but then he breaks down and cries because he realized that Paulie made the same mistake and it turned out differently for him. Life can change so much, so quickly in just a moment like that.
  • Ken's backstory. He was poor and his mom worked a lot. He had friends but that all changed when Uncle Davis lived with them and he was abusing Ken. Ken kept quiet about it for years until he finally ran away to Boston. He was never happy though and he never talked about it until he finally sat down and opened his heart to Paulie. They were both even driven to tears.
  • Just the fact that Paulie is living with HIV because you know what's coming later and you know it's going to hurt and it still does.
  • The entire chapter where Paulie is in the hospital and he is dying while everyone else visits him and gives him their last goodbyes. Though one of the saddest moments comes from Ken when, after putting on a cheerful front for the others, he ends up breaking down and crying in a bathroom stall.