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Tear Jerker / Cinderella (2015)

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  • The death of Cinderella's mother. Then she gets the news of her father's death. If Lily James hasn't gone down as one of the best actresses of her generation, she should after that.
  • The death of the king. Made worse by Kit curling up in his arms as he dies.
  • Ella being cruelly nicknamed "Cinderella," being refused a seat at the table, told she can't eat until she's done doing chores, and laughed at, all while putting up a brave face. Then she goes down to her room and breaks a plate that she has to clean up... and then she breaks down crying. It really does feel like the world is out to get her.
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  • Ella's breakdown after the Tremaines cruelly ruin her mother's dress and leave for the ball without her. This is the scene where after all the shit life has thrown at her, she finally gives up on staying positive. It's a good thing that her Fairy Godmother showed up when she did.
  • A subtle tear jerker is when Ella first meets Kit. He asks if they treat her well. This comes after Ella has just been given the cruel nickname. She sighs and says, "They treat me as well as they are able". She sounds so defeated as she says it.
    • Even better, he asks this because he's mirroring the first thing Ella asks after learning that Kit works for nobles as an apprentice—which is whether he's treated well. There's an edge of compassion in his voice that says he noticed how quick she was to worry for his safety, and drew some conclusions from it.


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