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Tear Jerker / Cinderella

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The Disney movie
"There's nothing left to believe in."
  • The main title theme.
  • The brief image in the prologue of little Cinderella on her knees crying at her father's deathbed. Unlike in the live-action remake, where her father dies far from home and she's already a young adult when it happens, here she's only a little girl and apparently has to see it happen... and she's about to be abused for years afterward.
    • Worse, you can see how Cinderella's and the Prince's home life contrasts with one another. Both had single fathers as children after the mother died, but whereas the King continued to raise his son on his own and gave him all the love and care a parent could, Cinderella's father remarried in order to give her a full, complete family- and died before realizing he essentially sold his daughter to the devil.
  • "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" becomes incredibly sad when you realize that dreams are the only way for Cinderella to escape her life. She had no one to turn to and no way to get help, but still kept dreaming.
  • The King's motive in his first scene is actually quite poignant if you think about it. He just misses the love and joy of being a parent.
    King: I'm not getting any younger you know. I want to see my grandchildren before I go.
    Grand Duke: (sympathetically) I understand, sir...
    King: No. No, you don't know what it means to see your only child grow farther and farther and farther away from you. I'm... lonely in this desolate old palace. I... I want to hear the pitter patter of little feet again. (starts sobbing)
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  • Just before her stepsisters tear her dress apart, Cinderella asks if they like it and if they think it will do at the ball. Part of her wanted their approval in spite of all they'd done to her.
  • The actual scene where Anastasia and Drizella destroy Cinderella's dress. Just seeing her run out to the garden in tears, abandoning all her dreams...
    • Just the way that they start by tearing off things they claim she stole - which are only the things Anastasia and Drizella themselves threw away as unwanted earlier.
    • Made worse after taking into account that the dress originally belonged to Cinderella's Missing Mom, which means the stepsisters destroyed one of the only things Cinderella had left to remember her by. One of the deleted songs claims that she got married in that dress.
    • To further emphasize this sad scene, her friends made this dress for her, risking their lives by getting materials from the stepsisters' accessories, only to witness all of their hard work practically be destroyed.
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    • Up until then, Cinderella had faced all of her stepfamily's crap with a smile on her face and trying to be brave. The moment when she not only stops smiling but cries... ouch. (In the 2015 version, however, she breaks down earlier on.)
    • Another thing to add: This is the second time we see her crying on screen. The first time is at her father's deathbed. This time she cries exactly the same way, on her knees and face down. Doubles as Heartwarming, as her tears brought hope with her Fairy Godmother instead of despair from her father's passing.
    • In a book-and-cassette version, this scene (as well as the mice making the dress) was taken out for presumably being too sad, so Cinderella simply ends up missing the ball and running to the garden in tears, after she says, "I suppose it would be frightfully dull and, and... completely wonderful!"
  • Lady Tremaine locking Cinderella in the attic and Cinderella, sobbing, begs her to let her out.
    Cinderella: No, please! (Lady Tremaine locks the door, thus Cinderella is left trying to pull the door handle in vain.) Oh, you can't do this, you just can't... Let me out! You must let me out! YOU CAN'T KEEP ME IN HERE! (cries desperately) Oh, please...
  • Lady Tremaine breaking the glass slipper. There was nothing to be gained by it. Her daughters were already out of the running. She did it purely for spite.
    • What's worse is that the Grand Duke fears being executed because the slipper has broken. It goes to show you that by this point, Lady Tremaine not only doesn't care about Cinderella, she doesn't care about human life itself!