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Tear Jerker / Chrono Stars

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  • All of Mioura's nineteenth session:
    • Fanred and Goluragg's deaths — the adopted father and daughter pair killed each other while Fanred was under Dokani's control.
    • Thorn's death as a colossus.
    • Ainori's death, a result of her having to be killed again so she can finally rest in peace. Her struggling against Dokani's possession was also heartbreaking to watch.
    "Kill me... Please, before I—!"
  • Strisci's letter to Ezwell. What was meant to be a letter explaining her motivations for turning herself in became a tragic eulogy.
    'I, Strisci Madrante, take the blame for the crimes of these three — Isaak, Oscare, and Ezwell — as well as Aejir Nightclaw and the man named Rokordi.

    'I further take on the burden of the crimes of Cadenzo Madrante. I will stand trial for what he did, including the trafficking within the Madrante Prison, the murders, and any other crimes that he left behind.

    'Please give this notebook to Ezwell, the geralkki lut, once I am incarcerated. His dog is still probably back at the Madrante Safehouse on 29th, the big red building with an open basement window. Make sure she gets to him. He cannot read, so please read this to him on my behalf.

    'Ezwell, you must not go after me. I was wrong about... well, everything. Aejir, you, and Rokordi helped me see that. Cadenzo Madrante was a terrible person. As the last surviving member of the Madrante family, I must atone for what he did.

    'For all my life, I thought of him as justified in what he did – because he was the only person to not treat me as a burden. He gave me assignments, said I was a worthy addition to the family, and consequently, I did whatever he said. And all of that was fine with me, until you showed up in the Madrante Prison.

    'We got the call about a geralkki lut being harassed on the docks. You got wrapped up in this because you were mistreated because of something you were born as, something you didn't choose. I know. I know, I know, I know how that feels. So I tried to save you from the Madrante Prison. But that got me thinking... why did I save one person..? Why did I feel bad about one person going to that place? Why did I feel bad about one person and not the thousands of others? And that got me thinking more about... Boss Vacaddi.

    'Fiore Vacaddi will never be my mother. But she deserves to live. I didn't realize that until just now, as I write this from inside the West Block Prison. I hope you understand. I'm sorry for lying to you and using you. I'm as awful as my father.

    'Thank you for being loyal to me even after what I did. I hope when I've served my time... we can meet again, and I'll be worthy of that loyalty.

    —Strisci Madrante'

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