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Tear Jerker / Christine

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  • Arnie tells Dennis the reason why he bought Christine is that he found something uglier than him and Dennis replies that he isn't ugly. The moment doubles as a heartwarming moment from Dennis's side.
  • The scene where Dennis first notices Arnie going through a change, when he tells Arnie's mother that he hardly sees him anymore.
  • Arnie visits Dennis in the hospital the 2nd time; Dennis remarks "Where have you been, asshole?". At that point, Arnie hadn't visited Dennis in the hospital in a while.
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  • When Dennis is riding in Christine, Arnie lets go of the steering wheel causing Dennis to panic and to try to grab the wheel but Arnie stops him from doing so.
    Arnie: Don't be scared.
    Dennis Guilder: [on the verge of crying] I'm scared for you, man, for what's happened to you. It's this fucking car!
    Arnie: *coldly* I know you're jealous.
    [Dennis gives him a look as if he's saying "Why would you say that to me? I'm your best friend!"]
  • Christine mourning Arnie's death by playing their "song" (movie).
    • This turns into a Jump Scare when Leigh thought Christine died. Christine was really just having a moment of silence before resuming her rampage.


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