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Tear Jerker / Chris Stuckmann

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  • In his review of The Last Airbender, he talks about how sad he was about the film: "The movie was coming to a close, I was sitting there like, '...Why? Why, Shyamalan? Why can't you make a good movie? Why?'"
  • His tribute video to Robin Williams, considering he mainly talks about how Williams' films helped him get through the dark times of his childhood where he was frequently bullied and had practically no friends in school. As the video progresses, you can see Chris on the verge of tears.
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  • While talking about The Imitation Game, a film with a large theme of sexual identity, Chris states that the film affected him personally due to him having a gay friend. He says that he has helplessly seen the issues of his friend's homosexuality eat away at his life, and that another gay friend of his got disowned by most of his family after coming out.
  • Despite the divisive nature of his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice script edit reaction, seeing him looking very much beaten down by it, especially compared to his normally upbeat personality, is heart-wrenching. In that video, he talks about how the script started having negative effects on his personal life, going so far as to upset his wife and make someone send him a letter telling him that the backlash that the script received convinced him to reconsider his career choice (writing).
    • Predictably, there were people in the comments calling him a weak person who Can't Take Criticism and should've seen the backlash coming, with some claiming that he should be able to take the same criticism that he gives to movies. Despite this, considering stuff like death threats was sent his way, which was enough to damage his personal life, his reaction was completely justified.
    • The saddest part of it all? All of this happened very shortly after his birthday.
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  • Equal parts heartwarming and sad: Chris paying his respects to Whitney Houston in his review of Sparkle, in which she made her final film appearance before passing away. He stated that she was by far the best part of the movie, outright admitted to missing her, and said that her singing in the movie legitimately gave him goosebumps.
  • His utterly broken reaction to the massive amounts of Product Placement in The Emoji Movie, as well as its utter terribleness, can induce sympathy.
  • His departure from Channel Awesome on April 6, 2018.


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