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Tear Jerker / Charon

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  • Tsukimi Planet is one of Charon's saddest games. Utarou has just been told that he has a limited amount of time left to live. Suddenly, he gets a surprise visitor who promises to grant him any wish. If he chooses to ask for his life to extend his life, she agrees to do so. Unfortunately, it turns out that she's a normal girl who harbors feelings for Utarou. She feels regret for being unable to grant his wish and she kills herself in despair, hoping to join him in death.
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  • Makoto Mobius is just as sad. It's implied that the title character has suffered from depression for a long time. In the first Bad End and presumably what happened originally, her father convinces her to die with him. It's unsure if he kills his own daughter or she takes her own life. Either way, her father is unable to take his own life and he agonizes over his daughter's death.

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