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Tear Jerker / Chappie

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  • Chappie's whole experience when Ninja leaves him with the street kids that pelt Chappie with rocks and throw at a Molotov cocktail at him, which is followed by Vincent capturing him and cutting off his arm. He's scared and stumbling home to Yolandi by the end.
  • Chappie pretty much reaches the peak of Woobie Mountain when Moore throws him in the back of a van and power-saws his arm off purely out of spite, all while Chappie desperately cries
    Chappie has fears! Chappie has fears!
    • Doesn't help that he also cries out:
    Please stop! Chappie said please! Why do you not stop?! Chappie said please.
  • The death of Yolandi.
  • Poor Deon is kidnapped and threatened by violent criminals, and is in tears by the end of it. They clearly terrify him, but he keeps going back so he can teach Chappie.
  • When Ninja and Deon have to tell Chappie some harsh truths, you can see how gutted they are about it. Doesn't help that Chappie shouts
    I hate you!
In a moment of anger with Deon and physically threatens Ninja.