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Tear Jerker / Chainsaw Man

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She didn't come to meet him.

From the author of Fire Punch comes even more depressing nihilism!

  • Right off the bat, we see Denji's living situation, maimed to sell body parts, desperate enough to immediately eat a lit cigarette just for 100 yen, and being so hungry that he treats eating a slice of bread like a gourmet dinner. Even then, he doesn't seem to have much longer to live due to inheriting the disease that took his mother and coughs up blood.
    • The only comfort Denji has is Pochita and at the very least dreaming of all the things his current lifestyle denies him. But even that is taken away as the Yakuza ambush him and kill them both. His last thoughts are a cruel bemoaning of how he's not even allowed to fantasize about a better life.
    • Many chapters later, Denji has a dream of Pochita. It's one of the rare times he looks genuinely happy and looks excited to at least be able to dream about being with him again. But Pochita refuses, pleading to Denji to not open the door he's hiding behind. As much as the two clearly love each other, Pochita is terrified of letting Denji see what he really is.
  • Denji remembers a time when he was younger when Pochita went missing. Adult Fear kicked in as Denji ran all over town looking for him, terrified that Pochita had been killed without his knowledge. Luckily, he found out that Pochita had managed to find his way back home on his own and spent his time crying as he waited for Denji to return. The two were so relieved that they both fell asleep on the floor hugging each other.
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  • When the Bat Devil eats Meowy, Power just...stops. Before she's eaten herself, she tells Denji that she now understands how he feels about not being able to pet Pochita anymore. Thankfully, Denji saves them both.
  • Aki lost his family to the Gun Devil, in what seems to be collateral damage from its attack. Even worse is that they died in one fell swoop right as Aki was about to bond with his little brother by playing catch with him.
  • Himeno is so used to losing friends and partners that she doesn't even bat an eye when a girlfriend of one of them goes up to her on the street to slap and berate her for getting them killed.
  • After Himeno's death, her sister visits Aki and gives her some of her letters. An excerpt reveals that she's been spending the time since she and Aki met desperately trying to find a way to convince him to quit Devil Hunting, all because she was implicitly in love with him.
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  • The confused look on Denji's face when he sees Reze blushing and smiling happily over the flower he gave her. The kid's been so happy about the superficial attention he's gotten from those he lusted after that he doesn't understand how to respond when apparently faced with actual unconditional love.
  • Reze's death at Makima's hand. Her whole arc revolves her falling in love with Denji, because of how similar both of their circumstances are. Denji offers to run away with her, but before the two can rendevous Makima brutally has her murdered. To add salt to the wound, right before having Reze killed, Makima brings up the Country Mouse conversation that Reze previously had with Denji, signalling that Reze was doomed to die from the start since Makima always had her in her sights.
    • Reze claims that her relationship with Denji was all an act, but the fact that she ruminates over a flower similar to the one Denji gave her when they first met implies otherwise.
    • Denji appears to have waited all the way to nightfall for Reze until the cafe owner had to kick him out due to closing time. Denji is probably spending the rest of the story believing that Reze really was faking everything all along.
  • Kishibe's refusal to remove his blindfold after Makima kills Quanxi and her Fiends becomes this moreso after it's revealed in an extra chapter that not only were they once partners, but Kishibe had feelings for her.
    Kishibe: I don't want to see a thing.
  • Seeing the once haughty and confident Power turn into a Nervous Wreck after the encounter with the Darkness Devil. She’s become so scared of the dark to the point that she needs Denji to always be around, constantly checking dark places like inside her own mouth for the Darkness Devil. Power realizes how much of a burden she is to Denji and even admits fault while begging for Denji not to hate her.
  • Overwhelmed by a vision where he and Power are killed by Denji, Aki breaks down and resorts to tearfully begging Makima for any Devil power she can provide because, guilty over his little brother's death, he wants Denji and Power to survive and be happy.
  • Aki is on a destructive rampage through his neighborhood after being turned into the Gun Fiend, with Denji desperately trying to stop him. In Aki's mind however, he's a kid again having a snowball fight with a kid Denji. And it's the happiest we've seen him in the manga yet.
    Aki: I've never had this much fun before! Mom and dad are always fussing over Taiyo. They never pay any attention to me. But now, my life has finally...finally...gotten kinda fun.
  • Aki's death at Denji's hand. Spurred on by civilians who had been caught in the crossfire, Denji is forced to kill Aki. In Aki's Dying Dream, it's implied he allowed this when he saw that Denji was crying during their snowball fight. Aki is then reunited with his little brother, finally being able to play catch with him just like he promised before their family's death.
    • The chapter cover twists the knife even further, showing Denji, Aki and Power all smiling together with the content of this chapter effectively being the disintegration of the Family of Choice the three had developed over the course of the series.

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