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Tear Jerker / Cell

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  • Clay finding his son. After such a long journey across three states and after losing so much, he discovers that his child has received a dose of the Pulse courtesy of the Kashwak flock. Made worse by the fact that he was not fully turned, but instead ended up as an empty husk slightly worse off than Pixie Dark from the story's opening. At least King has implied that Clay was able to save his son after all.
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  • This scene is either better or worse in the 2016 film, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, both characters end up as Phoners. On the other, they seem happy and peaceful.
  • Alice Maxwell's death. While it is obvious from the beginning that this is a novel where Anyone Can Die, Alice was set up as both a likeable character and one likely to survive. Her murder is unexpected, and horrifying.
  • The scene in the home of Tom McCourt's gun-loving neighbors. His family's teenage daughter turned during the initial Pulse, and was shot in surprise and horror by her mother. The mother then turned the gun on herself, and pulled the trigger.