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Tear Jerker / Catch Me If You Can

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  • It's heavily implied that Brenda is a victim of rape by a family friend of her father's. She's still clearly traumatised afterwards when trying to sleep with Frank Jr. Worse still, her parents didn't care for her after she was raped and kicked her out of the house. And perhaps worst of all, it's Truth in Television for the time.
  • Frank's father breaking down in tears while remembering seeing Frank's mother onstage in a little town in France when he was a soldier during WWII and marrying her weeks later.
    • Also, Frank finding out his father died and that his mother has re-married and started a new family. Upon being told by Carl that his father is dead, Frank breaks down sobbing in the bathroom, and when he finds out he has a half-sister from his mother and the man she left his father for, he begs Carl to take him away when Carl shows up. He doesn't ask him to do it, he begs him to, because he's that broken.
  • Brenda breaking down in bed with Frank as she tells him about her rape, abortion and disownment. She's pleading with him not to be angry with her.
  • The very beginning of the film: a desperately sick Frank in a hellish nightmare of a French prison, weakly begging Carl to help him. Compounded when the double Bait-and-Switch is revealed: he really wasn't faking the illness after all, but is so desperate to take the suddenly-presented opportunity to escape his horrendous treatment that he crawls away from the advancing guards.
  • From the musical, "Goodbye" is Frank's BSoD Song, as he finally gives in and goes with the feds, realizing that now that his father has died, he has nobody left.
    I'm not afraid of stopping.
    This end could be my start!
    I wanna live a life,
    and not just play a part.