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Tear Jerker / Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum

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  • Celeste's multiple notes about leaving the castle in the episode 7, because she was left aside when the others were happily taking pictures of each other.
    Note 1: Goodbye to all. I left because I know you won't miss me. Celeste.
    Note 2: Since I know you must have forgotten that I left a note informing you that I left, I am leaving another in case you haven't noticed my absence.
    Note 3: In case you haven't noticed my absense, I'd like to inform you that I am leaving. It was great meeting you. Kisses, goodbye, Celeste.
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  • Celeste crying because everyone seems to have forgotten her birthday in the episode 9.
  • Zequinha sitting in front of the castle, sad that he couldn't get in, due to Celeste's authoritarian turn in episode 11.
  • The flowers in front of the castle closing with the sudden arrival of summer, due to Nino's crazy spell in episode 41.

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