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Tear Jerker / Casino Royale (2006)

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  • Solange ends up yet another victim of Cartwright Curse.
  • Vesper's death. Bond's desperate, futile attempts to rescue and revive her and the way he cradles her in his arms when it's obvious that she's gone. Daniel Craig displays so many emotions on his face within a few minutes that your heart feels as broken as his when it's all over.
    • The very fact that Bond is so desperate to save her despite her betrayal and the way he holds her in his arms show how much he loved her. It's wrenching to think what could have been had she not acted so impulsively.
    • What makes it even sadder is the fact that it is a Senseless Sacrifice. Vesper intentionally stopped holding her breath so that Bond would stop trying to rescue her and not drown with her as the elevator door would not open. Except that Bond was able to get the elevator door open, reach Vesper and get to the surface without drowning. If only Vesper hadn't given up, she would still be alive.
  • The theme song becomes this on repeated viewings — it's very possibly Bond warning his future love interests about how little they'll mean to him, as he'll never be over Vesper.
    • Either that or M telling Bond to harden up and get the job done, if Skyfall is anything to go by.