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Tear Jerker / Carpe Diem

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  • When Rodney came out to his family he was disowned and thrown out into the rain with nothing. He was left to call Josh for help crying in the rain as his whole world was falling apart.
  • The scene where Nicole discovers that the man she had been cheating with behind her husband's back was also cheating on her with her husband.
  • Trent's groveling and crying when he begs for Burt to make love to him. It is revealed here that Trent is terminal with cancer and has little time left in this world.
  • In the Halloween special, Kevin gets killed when a car hits him leaving a very bereaved Burt. The way in which the poor Panda reacts his utterly hearbreaking as the tears keep pouring down his eyes.
    • It gets even worse when the zombies start to rise from the dead. Burt sees Kevin amongst them and starts crying with joy. His love was brought back to him, he thought. He began to thank God for this second chance, and then was brutally murdered by Zombie!Kevin.
  • Burt isn't the only one to suffer in the Halloween special. Ken ends up going off to make a heroic sacrifice, due to him knowing he was going to turn any moment. When Josh brings word of Ken's death, Rodney is utterly devastated.

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