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Tear Jerker / Cardians UK London

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WARNING: This page will have several important plot points and session details written out without many spoiler tags.You have been warned.

  • Several examples can be found in the "Mirror World" sessions, where the Cardians UK crew ventures in an alternate universe through a mirror:
    • The whole alternate world was something of a Bad Future, with a supernatural force having taken over the entirety of the UK and the human race either hiding or dead.
    • Part of the team found a town square decorated with broken tokens of the aces, giving a pretty clear sign that they'd been killed in this timeline. The whole scene was sad, but it was even more heartbreaking when an empathy roll revealed that the Ace of Clubs, Nick, from the canon timeline was wondering if his mom had been killed as well.
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    • Jon found his own alternate-self's corpse with a ring on his finger. There was no sign of his alternate-self's spouse at the time, but one brainwashed soldier had her helmet removed, revealing Jessie's face as well as a matching wedding ring dangling from her necklace. Mirror-world Ari only made it worse by adding, "You should've seen her face when I made her kill you."

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