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Tear Jerker / Bram Stoker's Dracula

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  • Vlad Dracula returns from war to his home and discovers, that his beloved wife Elisabeta committed suicide believing in false report about his death.
  • Dracula sees photo of Mina Murray for the first time and recognizes his long lost wife in her.
  • The entire scene, when Mina recollects tragic moments from her past life.
  • The tragedy of Lucy Westenra. She really doesn't deserve what happens to her.
  • The newly vampirised Lucy entering her tomb, clutching a bawling little girl who is smeared with blood. Fortunately the little girl is saved thanks to Van Helsing's intervention.
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  • Jonathan Harker promises to stand by Mina’s side while she is transforming into vampire. Mina apologizes to him for what she has put him through, while Jonathan says it was his fault.
  • Quincey Morris’s death in the arms of his sobbing friend, Dr.Jack Seward, after Quincey’s Heroic Sacrifice in the fight against Dracula’s servants.

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