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Tear Jerker / Blue's Clues

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  • Steve leaving for college at the end of "Steve Goes to College." It's pretty easy to say that long-time viewers of the show cried their eyes out when they saw it.
    Steve: ... I'm gonna miss you. (Steve hugs Blue and turns to the viewers) I'm gonna miss you, too. I'll never forget how you helped me find all those clues. You really are so smart! Which reminds me... will you take good care of my brother, Joe, while I'm at college? ...Great, cause sometimes he needs a little help, kind of like me.
    • Steve then wishes all the other residents goodbye, and just before he leaves, he turns to the viewers again.
      Steve: Thanks again for all your help.
  • Steve's very last words to us. He calls Blue and talks to her a little while, then asks Blue to let him talk to his friend (us).
    Steve: Hi! How are you? (he pauses for our response) I miss you... Have fun playing Blue's Clues with Joe. Bye.
  • When the episode "What Is Blue Afraid Of?" begins, Blue is seen shaking under a blanket and whimpering in fear. Not only is she afraid of something, but she's even too scared to skidoo into the picture by herself.
  • In "Blue's Sad Day", well, as the title implies, Blue is sad. Just before the Mailtime Segment, she even comes up behind Steve, whimpering sadly.
  • Steve and Joe's return in Blue's Clues and You!, particularly when Steve asks Josh to talk to "his friend" (referring to the adult audience) and asking them to help Josh out with playing Blue's Clues. It isn't uncommon to find commenters mentioning how they cried when Steve said that.


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