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Tear Jerker / Bloodlines

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Warning: There are unmarked spoilers for the ending of the Vampire Academy series. Read at your own risk.



  • Sydney and her body issues.
  • Adrian dealing with his break-up with Rose, and being bonded to Jill.
  • Eddie deciding that he doesn't deserve Jill because he "doesn't even know who his father is".
  • Jill finding Lee's body in the aftermath of the fight with the Strigoi.

The Golden Lily

  • Adrian when his father yells at him and implies that it's his fault his mother is in jail.
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  • The aftermath of the kiss between Sydney and Adrian.

The Indigo Spell

  • Ms. Terwilliger explaining to Sydney why she is in danger.
  • When Sydney is on the verge of giving up during her battle with Alicia.

The Fiery Heart

  • In Fiery Heart, we find out that Adrian has hallucinations of his aunt Tatiana after he uses too much spirit. He is also revealed to be suffering from bipolar disorder.
  • In a rare moment, Sydney breaking down in tears when she feels too helpless to help Adrian.
  • Sydney's capture, and Adrian's reaction to it and the message she gives to him through Eddie.

Silver Shadows

  • Eddie's guilt over not having been able to prevent Sydney from being taken by the Alchemists.
  • Sydney and Adrian's reunion in a spirit dream.
  • Sydney's breakdown in the hotel just after her rescue.

The Ruby Circle

  • The fate of the Sinclair sisters. spirit-user Nina is rendered comatose from her overuse of spirit during her search for Olive, while Olive dies just after giving birth to her son Declan, while trying to protect him from discovery by Moroi authorities who'd want to study and experiment on him.
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  • Neil's sacrifice. Instead of raising his and Olive's son (as is his right) he chooses to distance himself from him completely even though it pains him to do so, just so Declan can be safe from scrutiny and have a happy childhood in a loving family.

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