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Tear Jerker / Bloodline

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Bloodline may look like it has awesome moments, which it definitely does. But even just by looking at the first few pages, you can guess there are also plenty of Tear Jerker moments. Beware of Spoilers.

  • Really, losing your father and trying to find him for three years is quite depressing.
  • The deaths and near deaths of many characters: Shin in Daybreak Fantasy, Ron, Last, and Rae to name a few.
  • Even the bad guys get this.
    • Eagle reminiscing about his partnership with Pep and Riya before using his Deflector Shield to take the power of a god-like strike.
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    • In the prequel, Leng Sha has one herself when shooting the classmate she used to be friends with.
    • Then afterwards, the Holy Land close to disposing her when failing her mission.