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Tear Jerker / Black Mirror: White Christmas

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She's her own slave.
  • Greta's entire existence as a cookie revolves around serving the original's every whim. She initially tries to resist, but is broken after going mad from the isolation.
  • Joe's story. One day, he found out that his girlfriend Beth was pregnant, but she doesn't want the baby. A fight erupts and she blocks him. One day, he sees Beth out on the town, and sees she's keeping the baby. He tries to talk to her, which ends in her taking out a restraining order on him and leaving town. He sends letters to her father's house to reach her, but she never responds. Joe remembers that she visits her father at Christmas time, so he waits there outside the restraining order's range. He sees that she had the baby, but the baby is blocked too. So, for the next several years, he keeps coming back to her father's at Christmas time, watching his child grow up from a distance. Then one day, Beth dies in a train accident. This removes the block. He goes to her father's at Christmas time with a snowglobe for a gift and sees that the little girl is... obviously not his. Distraught, he walks into Beth's father's house, softly demanding to see his daughter while trying (and failing) to deny the realization that Beth cheated on him. Beth's father tells him he threw away the letters, reiterates he never liked Joe, and that he should leave. Joe hits Beth's elderly father with the globe, and the man dies. Joe runs off and Beth's daughter realizes days later no one will help, so she goes out in the blistering winter to find help. She froze to death. And this is all before we find out the Joe recounting this story is a Cookie, taken from the real Joe to elicit a confession. After that confession is out, the detectives condemn Cookie Joe, now remorseful about his actions and reliving the memory fresh, to experience 1000 years per every real world minute. He's stuck in the cabin where Beth's father died and her daughter is dead right outside the window for quasi-infinity.
    • The fact that Joe's cookie is utterly remorseful as he's starting to remember what he did and how he got in the cabin. Before this he had no idea why he was there in the first place and according to Matt didn't say a word to him for 5 years and when he finally does he's not only a sobbing wreck but the only "ally" he had immediately turns on him to save his own ass leaving him in utter shock. To top it off a police officer sentences him to an indefinite amount of torture despite the fact the Joe is remorseful and the fact that he confessed his crime and proceeds to sadistically taunt poor Joe to insanity (during said torture) by playing a non-stop, never-ending Christmas song which possibly causes Joe to realize that he isn't real.
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    • The last shot featuring Joe's cookie screaming as he supposedly realizes his fate is sad to watch.
  • It's kind of hard not to feel sorry for Matt and the fate he receives despite being a monstrous scumbag. He manages to successfully interrogate Joe into confessing for his crime and is free from his charges of both illegal seduction coaching and failing to report a murder; however, soon after, he is forced to be registered as a sex offender and ends up being blocked by humanity, meaning that he won't be able to interact and talk to anyone for the rest of his life until he dies. A normal social life is no longer possible for him. How is he supposed to buy things for starters?
  • The fate of the real Joe who is now spending the rest of his life behind bars wracked with silent guilt and remorse and is now utterly traumatized. The fact that the female cop ignores it as "silent treatment" and rather tauntingly says "Merry Christmas" to him arguably makes it worse.


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