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Tear Jerker / Black Mirror Series Three

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"What did you do, Kenny?!"

  • Nosedive
    • Lacie's breakdown at Naomi's wedding is sad to see, though it's way lighter than other tearjerker moments in the series.

  • Playtest
    • The ending, when Cooper's fears switch from surreal horrors to the realistic sensation of having lost your memories and watching a loved one lose theirs.
    • Cooper's mother never getting to hear from him, and her worried attempts at getting into contact with him accidentally kill him, just a year after her own husband deteriorates and dies.
    • Cooper's abrupt, gut-punch death in general, especially because he was one of the few Black Mirror protagonists who seemed to genuinely just be a good, friendly, and affable person, and only a moment of greed (taking a picture of the testing equipment in order to sell it later) coupled with his reluctance to return his mother's calls ends up killing him. Even worse, one of his fears is revealed to be never being able to see his mother again...
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    • Imagine Sonja's reaction on finding out that the experiment went wrong and Cooper died. What's worse is that she was partly the reason why he went there in the first place. Worse, imagine how Cooper's mother will take the news that she inadvertently killed her own son, and that's if she ever finds out; depending what was on the missing contract page Cooper hastily signed away, his fate might not ever be disclosed to her.
    • The Elvis song "Momma Liked the Roses" playing at the end credits doesn't help.

  • Shut Up and Dance
    • Hector's wife finding out about "Mindy" (the prostitute Hector was planning on seeing). Its clear that she's not only rightfully angry with him but she was also crying.
      • Hector's reaction doesn't help. From receiving the troll face message on his phone to seeing his wife find out about "Mindy" he's silent but looks utterly remorseful and broken. What makes this worse was not only is it implied that the hackers only targeted him to drive Kenny around with his tasks only to leak his crime anyway (which while bad wasn't as dark as Kenny's) but while doing so he rants on how he was planning to see a prostitute despite being married due to boredom but he also clearly knows that if his wife found out about it he would lose her and his kids (who he loves dearly) and even says that he would kill himself if that happened. By the end when his wife finds out about his crime not only will he probably go to prison for the bank robbery but he may likely end his own life.
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    • After it's revealed that Kenny was masturbating to child pornography, it's sad to hear his mom calling him on the phone, screaming and pleading with him to tell her that it can't be true. It's likely that the whole family will have a shadow cast upon them because of his horrific crimes. All Kenny can do is hold the phone to his ear and silently cry without saying a word back before hanging up.
    What did you do Kenny? They're saying it's kids! That you've been looking at kids! And Lindsey saw it. There's a video of you. All of her friends have got it! KIDS, Kenny! Tell me it's not—
    • Even after The Reveal, it's still hard to not feel sorry for Kenny after all is said and done. The fact remains that even though he was looking at child porn, the demands that the hackers made him there were outright sadistic, going from bank robbery to being forced into killing a guy. By the end of the episode, he is limping out of the woods, his mother is tearfully screaming at him over the phone after his pedophilia is leaked, and his reaction to the police arriving is pure shock and shame as he tries to walk away before being arrested.
    • The use of Exit Music (for a film) by Radiohead at the end of the episode.
    You can laugh
    A spineless laugh
    We hope your rules and wisdom choke you
    Now we are one, in everlasting peace
    We hope that you choke, that you choke...
  • San Junipero
    • The ending, but for completely different reasons. For once in Black Mirror history, the episode ends on a happy uplifting tone. Kelly agrees to pass on to San Junipero and spend her afterlife with Yorkie. Just the final scene of their consciousnesses with those of the inhabitants of San Junipero blinking with life can move even the hardest of hearts to tears of joy and hope.
      • Especially when you consider the song played at the end, Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth". Specifically these lyrics:
    They say in heaven, love comes first
    We'll make heaven a place on Earth
    • The ending also was especially impacting for LGBT viewers for, as many critics pointed out, utterly dismantling the Bury Your Gays trope by using the death of two same-sex lovers as a way of literally letting them live together forever in an artificial afterlife. Considering how few and far between happy endings for gay romances are on television, San Junipero was a lifeline for many LGBT+ fans of the series.
    • Which implies that technology has created heaven on earth which allowed the love between Kelly and Yorkie to "come first". Instead of a means of destruction and misery, technology in this episode allows something beautiful to emerge and grow.
    • As a more straightforward tearjerker, Yorkie asks Kelly to join her in San Junipero permanently, but Kelly is reluctant to do so, as she had promised her late husband she would pass on naturally like he did. Yorkie callously writes this off as meaningless and calls his choice selfish, and Kelly slaps her, angrily pointing out that they were happily married for almost fifty years, and tells her how they had suffered through their daughter dying before the San Junipero technology was created and her husband refused to become a permanent resident because their daughter never got their opportunity (while also vaguely hoping to some extent that maybe they could be reunited in a traditional afterlife). The pain in her voice as she describes this, and her belief that they're completely gone and she'll never see either of them again (despite hoping that maybe that's not the case), is just heartbreaking.
    • The Reveal that the reason Yorkie insisted that Kelly wouldn't like her in real life was because she's been in a coma for 40 years. Even more so when Kelly softly kisses her on the forehead.
    Kelly: Hello, stupid.

  • Men Against Fire

  • Hated in the Nation
    • Garrett Scholes's plan succeeding and close to 400,000 people dying just for using a hashtag. We see one warehouse full of bodybags from the incident, knowing it's one of many.
    Judge: [interrupting Karin's recollection] We're all tragically familiar with the rest of the events of that week. And we need no reminding of the sheer scale of loss of life that followed.
    Karin: No. No we don't.
    • It’s mentioned early on that the method the victims are killed by (artificial bees burying into their skulls) is excruciatingly painful. The first victim even slits her own throat with glass to make the pain end. Fridge Horror sets in when you consider just how many children and teenagers use social media, and how many may have used the hashtag because it was trending, without even understanding the context. How many parents had to watch their children die that day?


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