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Tear Jerker / Beyblade

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  • In "Losing Kai", Kai abandoned the Bladebreakers as Kai hands over Dranzer to Tyson. Even worse is that Tyson was in tears while he was showing Dranzer to his teammates and he told them that Kai is over for them.
  • Episode 41 of Beyblade: V-Force. Zagart grabs Zeo and telling him that he must steal his friends' bit-beasts. Zeo asks him why, and Zagart explains, Zeo is an artificial lifeform leaving poor Zeo shocked. The following day, the Bladebreakers', worried about Zeo are informed that he's quit. They eventually find him and try to confront him but he ends his friendship with them and leaves, crying. Poor kid...
    Zeo: Everyone, just leave me alone! just leave me alone! From now on, we're enemies, you got that? Forget that you even met me!

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