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Tear Jerker / Batwoman (Rebirth)

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  • The kidnapping of Kate, Beth, and Gabi is retold in the Rebirth one-shot, as is Gabi's murder. It's arguably sadder here than originally in Elegy, due to the darker palette and heavy shadows Cox and Epting use.
  • Issue #1:
    • A flashback shows Kate going diving in the ocean and getting her head smashed on a rock, which is how she arrived on Coryana (by being rescued by Safiyah). The next scene heavily implies that Kate was trying to commit suicide.
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    • Rafael, the kindly man who helped heal Kate after her injury, shows up at the very end dying of a stab wound.
  • Knife's whole backstory. She grew up in poverty but was rescued by Safiyah and given a new, better life on Coryana, including a romantic relationship with Safiyah. But then Kate arrived on the island, which lead to Safiyah beginning a relationship with her instead. And then, when Kate abruptly left and Safiyah abandoned the island soon after, outside corporations came in and ruined the wildness of the island, which was one of the things Knife loved about it. No wonder she hates Kate so much.

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