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Tear Jerker / Batman (1966)

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  • "Smack in the Middle" has a rather sad moment where Batman tries—and fails—to rescue one of the Riddler's goons, a girl named Molly, from falling into the Batcave's nuclear reactor. Jill St. John's terror before she falls and Adam West's forlorn reaction to her death and his failure to save her really sells the scene.
  • In "Deep Freeze," even Commissioner Gordon gradually loses faith in the heroes due to Freeze's Malicious Slander campaign. Eventually, he doesn't have it in him to call on them for help anymore, something which he quickly feels remorse over.
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  • The one moment where One-Shot Character Chief Screaming Chicken feels like more than an Ethnic Scrappy is when Batman recalls how he once saw someone tell Screaming Chicken to go back to his own country, even though America is his country.
  • Occasionally, there's a henchgirl who doesn't have a High-Heel–Face Turn, but does have enough Affably Evil or Minion with an F in Evil moments that their arrest feels a bit sad. Notable examples include Catwoman's reluctant apprentice Pussycat, the Mad Hatter's associate Polly, and Josie Milli (a Joker Moll who he tries to trick Bruce Wayne into marrying, and who resignedly lets Batman handcuff her).
    Josie: If you ever see Bruce Wayne, tell him it might have been fun.
  • While Catwoman is far more evil than most versions of her character, the doomed nature of her and Batman's Dating Catwoman chemistry and his inability to get her to reform can be genuinely affecting every now and then.
    Batman: (after foiling one of her escapes) Going my way, Catwoman?
    Catwoman: I wish I were.
  • In "The Contaminated Cowl/Mad Hatter Runs Afoul," it appears the Mad Hatter has killed the Dynamic Duo with their "skeletons" found in a super x-ray machine. Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara both collapse into tears at the news.
    Gordon: My world, Chief O'Hara has just been ripped to shreds seam by seam.
    • The montage of the phone operators at the White House, Buckingham Palace and the Kremlin all moaning "no, no no!" at the news.
  • Commissioner Gordon's concern when Penguin kidnaps his daughter and tries to make her marry him.
  • A meta example: After Adam West's passing, GIF's of the ringing Batphone appeared online. The police are calling Batman for assistance, but he can't help them anymore.
    • Clock King was Walter Slezak's last role before his suicide.
    • Black Widow was one of Tallulah Bankhead’s last roles on television.