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Tear Jerker / Banjo-Kazooie

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  • The Bad Ending can be this if you really think about it. Yes, it's mostly Played for Laughs what with Grunty becoming Hotter and Sexier, Mumbo hitting on her and Tooty becoming a Gonk, but the thing that makes this a Tear Jerker is Tooty's fearful calling out for her big brother as it all happens, with Klungo ominously declaring "Bear and Bird finissshed, Grunty winsss!" And when she comes out permanently disfigured, she angrily demands to speak with him: not knowing that he and Kazooie are both probably dead.
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  • The death animation. When the duo is killed, Banjo falls to the ground on his stomach, immediately followed by Kazooie popping out of the backpack, dying sprawled on his back. The second death animation isn't as much. Banjo falls onto his bottom and weeps while Kazooie popes out and shakes her head, wings on her hips.
  • Clanker. He's part living creature, part machine, his mechanical bits are rusty and covered in blood, Banjo and Kazooie have to shoot him in the teeth, he's chained underwater until the duo go to great lengths to raise him to the surface, he's trapped in a grimy sewer.... this list could go on a bit. And just look at his big, adorable eyes!
    • And that's not to mention how you find him in Banjoland during Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. He's been dismantled, with one fin acting as a ramp to the snowman, part of his torso acting as a tunnel (complete with rotating blades), his teeth removed and mounted on the wall, and his head hooked up to the museum's heating system. His eyes still blink and follow you, indicating he's clearly still alive and conscious.


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