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Tear Jerker / Bad Machinery

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  • Shauna has her brand new coat stolen on her birthday. She's devastated about it, and even cries when she finally confesses what happened to her step-father.
  • Aw, Lottie was such a cute kid...oh...
  • The Reveal of Grampaw's motive for interacting with his past self again and again: He tried to prevent the traffic accident in which his parents died.
  • "The Fire Inside" is a pretty poignant case overall, but the most understated tearjerking sequence is the granny that was caring for the selkie girl revealing that she's well aware of her own dementia and the way her children look down on her for it, reassuring her that she can make it home just fine on her own, as it's "not far", then later, in a series of wordless panels, leaving her walker on the beach and walking into the sea.
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  • The panel simply showing Archie's empty dog bed and bowl.

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