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Tear Jerker / Babylon

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  • By the end of Episode Three, Liz's faith in Richard has been badly shaken.
    Liz: I really thought we were doing something here.
    • When they're about to part, Richard thanks Liz. He touches her cheek - and in contrast to the peck she earlier accepted, she immediately grabs his hand and wrenches it off.
  • The last few minutes of Episode Three, set to Mazzy Star's 'Into Dust'. It's basically Liz and Richard having concurrent breakdowns.
    • Richard returns to Scotland Yard. Before leaving home, he stops and looks at his family, who are silently seated in front of the television.
      Richard: I have to go back to the office for a few hours.
      Jennifer: Don't be too late.
      Richard: No, I won't.
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    • Richard calls Liz, but exhausted by the day's events, she ignores him. He checks his phone for her reply before he jumps into the Thames.
  • The opening scene of Episode Four is Richard's body floating in the Thames as Liz frantically leaves voice messages for Caroline Carey.
  • Charles asks Sharon to do 'the knock' for Richard's wife, Jennifer. Sharon panics, because she had a one night stand with Richard a few years earlier. Sharon thinks he told Jennifer, since Jennifer gets a certain look in her eye whenever she sees Sharon. Despite reeling from the revelation of yet another of Richard's affairs, Liz manages to assure Sharon that probably wasn't the case.
    Liz: That look in her eye is just your conscience looking back at you. You are the perfect person to tell her because you cared about him.
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  • After a series of confessions to Mia, Liz tearfully reveals that Richard tried to call her the previous night, right before he drowned. Mia's reaction doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    Liz: I ignored the call. I should have answered the call, maybe I could've -
    Mia: (reaches for Liz) I'm sure you couldn't. Um, not because you're not a very sensitive person and a great communicator, but because no one could.
  • Liz apologising for how the Met's PR department depicted Karl Jeffries.
    Liz: Just because the man who shot him was wearing a police badge, doesn't mean he did the right thing. He's not infallible. The Commissioner was not infallible. I am not infallible. All I can do is what Richard did, which is the right thing, even when the right thing is impossible.
  • In an understated way, Episode Four's ending montage:
    • Tom attending one of the silent Quaker meetings he told Liz about. He looks like he wants to say something, but he can't.
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    • YMMV, but Finn clicking through Liz's Facebook photos, looking sad instead of angry, and stopping when he reaches the photo of her and Richard. It helps that the audience is left to guess why Finn is doing this and what he's thinking.
    • The unhappy domestic situations of the TSG and Armed Response squads.
    • Charles alone in Richard's office, looking lost, then staring at a framed picture of them which had earlier been taken down. For the moment, Charles finally has the top job he'd wanted, but he acquired it through his best friend's suicide. And just two weeks earlier, Charles had said that Richard wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. Ouch.
  • At the end of Episode Five, Liz gets a call from Mia, who tells her they've found the missing boy. Sharon arrives in Liz's office to deliver the same news. Liz mistakenly assumes he's alive. The moment she realises her error is heartbreaking.
    Sharon: They say you're not allowed to cry. That's not true. Just not here.
    • Liz holds it together until Sharon leaves, then starts sobbing anyway.
  • The immediate aftermath of Sharon's disastrous interview. Greater good or not, Liz has fallen from her initial idealism, and the expression on her face shows that she knows it.
    Sharon: Maybe you can play rough after all.
  • Tony advises Warwick to try to get reinstated. Warwick is still suffering from PTSD, but there's also a matter of conscience.
    Warwick: I don't like shooting people anymore. Turns out, it don't feel very nice.
    Tony: Warwick, you were just doing the job, mate.
    Warwick: Yeah, I know. I did the right thing. Did the job. But you know what? It's not a very nice fucking job, and I ain't doing it anymore.

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