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Tear Jerker / Atonement

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  • When Briony reveals that what we have been watching was her book with a falsified ending and that Robbie and Cecilia died and never had their chance at happiness entirely because of her actions. She grants them in fiction what she denied them in life. It's the only way she could deal with the guilt of what she had done.
    • Briony also describes the situation in the book - that she wrote them having a happier life, but wasn't "so self-serving as to have them forgive me".
  • The scene where Robbie is being taken away and his mother is frantically banging on the car.
  • Robbie, having not seen Cecilia in years outside of contact through letters, being told that they only have a few minutes to spend together; he's very nearly in tears.
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  • The scene where it's revealed Robbie died from septicimia.
    Nettle: Cheerio, pal.
  • In that vein, Robbie's last words.
    Robbie: You won't hear another word from me...
  • Briony's time as a nurse, in particular the scene where she pretends to be a dying boy's sweetheart. Word of God is that she was indeed in love with him, if only for a few minutes.

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