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Tear Jerker / Asura's Wrath

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"Asura... Save her..."
For a game that could be called I'm Pissed Off: The Game, Asura's Wrath sure likes to take your heart and twist it into knots. Asura has great reasons for being angry.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Durga's death in the second episode, and Asura holding her in his arms.
  • When Asura first awakes after his betrayal by Deus, and witnesses the fruits of the Seven Deities' labors. He doesn't yell, he doesn't even sound angry. He simply looks at his destroyed homeland and remarks on it in a surprisingly broken tone of voice.
  • In Episode 8, Asura finishes most of Kalrow's minions and is smacking one of the last ones repeatedly in the face, with his Burst gauge filling up with every hit. Then, he hears sobbing behind him, and he turns to see the nameless girl repeatedly beating one of the other soldiers' corpses with a rock over and over again in angry frustration after seeing what they did to her village. Just looking at her makes Asura's entire Burst meter empty as something finally does show up to quell his rage. He stops the girl and tells her that he understands how she feels.
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  • In the fight against Augus, near the end of the battle on the moon, when Augus is flinging Asura from the moon to the earth with his extendo-sword, he's tries a "Not So Different" Remark on Asura. When that doesn't stick, and Asura gets impaled on the sword, Augus asks why he and Asura are different, and right after that we get a short flash of Asura's daughter, Mithra, looking at the screen. In that brief second you see a young woman, looking downright helpless. Just goes to show that 12,000-plus years of betrayal by the Seven Deities is not fun.
  • Episode 12: Gods of Death has one of the most tragically powerful scenes in the entire game. We see the little girl who has followed Asura through the wastelands since his second revival running towards Asura as Olga gives the command to her fleet to bomb the village, followed by Asura awakening after the attack to find her body. Just seeing her body and Asura's reaction will likely bring a tear to most players' eyes.
    • Asura's complete breakdown afterwards as well. He's not simply angry or enraged, he's consumed by a horrible mix of grieving agony and pure, undiluted hatred. His primal screams are mixed with horrified crying. At this point, Asura has truly lost everything in his life and for the first time in the game, the player is just as enraged as he is. As Asura turns towards the sky, now taking on the fiery and demonic Berserker Form, an achievement prompt sums it up: "Heads Will Roll".
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    • Just to make the scene all the more tragically powerful, playing throughout it is "In Your Belief", and in the Japanese version, Tomoyo Mitani's vocal version of the song.
    • It's even worse to know that the baby she had been taking care of dies with her.
    • The chapter's ending offers neither respite nor solace. Olga's fleet is almost utterly obliterated, the land is left scarred and scorched for miles around, and in the center of it all, a demon-like Asura screams to the heavens in uncontrollable sorrow. For all the power he gained, he could not save anyone. His roar will echo in the player's ears long after the credits fade.
    • And to truly strike the nail in the coffin, during the credits of the episode, the camera focuses on one soul in particular, almost certainly the girl's, and you realize that for all her defiance against the Seven Dieties and for all of Asura's efforts, she'll just end up as another soul used to power Mantra.
  • Episode 15's interlude with Yasha feeling doubts for his cause after seeing a human father crying over his dead son's corpse.
  • Episode 21 settles the rivalry between Yasha and Asura in a heartbreaking way. Quite suddenly, Yasha (with his mask again) starts fighting Asura, who is both mad and confused as to why he's doing so. The fighting escalates and Yasha is on the losing end. The climax comes as the two run to each other ready throw punches at one another as the scene plays in Deliberately Monochrome, Silence Is Golden, and Bullet Time, even the reaction command for the punch. Yasha lets out a small smirk, Asura sees it, his eyes widen, and he stops himself at the last moment, command and all, before he connects the blow. Yasha's face mask breaks, his bandages reveal he has a gaping hole in his chest, and all he has is a serene expression with his body frozen in an extended punch. His last words were "Go... Save Mithra... and the world."
    Asura: You were always a brother, never an enemy.
    • Before that, you get a QTE command to fist bump Yasha one last time.
  • Chapter 22 has a subtle Tearjerker right at the start in the title: "A Life Well Lived." Just reading that title alone is warning enough that Asura won't live through the battle.
    • When Asura tells Mithra "But you will still live," and then shoots past her. Her eyes widen in shock, and then her face twists in horrified grief, because she knows what her father is about to do. It's one of the most heartrending moments, simply due to the pain on her face. The rest of the ending has equal parts happiness and sadness, but that moment is just bawl-out-your-eyes, grief-stricken agony.
      • And her scream! God, so much despair and anguish in her scream...
        Mithra: FATHEEEEEEEER!!
      • Asura hears this, and squeezes his eyes shut for what he must do in order to protect his daughter.
      • And then you unleash the final BURST of the game.
  • The final ending of the game. Just... the final ending...
    • Post final Blow against Chakrvartin, with In Your Belief playing and beautifully heartbreaking voice acting:
      Mithra: Why do you have to act so recklessly!
      Asura: I... I couldn't bear to see you suffer...
      Mithra: (In tears) Stupid.
      Asura: No more crying. Smile. My wrath... is finally... Gone. Durga... I'll be home soon.
    • The Japanese translation is slightly different, but no less tearjerking.
      Asura: My wrath... is finally... satisfied.
  • "In Your Belief". All of it is Crowning Music of Tearjerking.