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Tear Jerker / Astral Cabal

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  • Chapter four's trial, namely, the interactions between Aimé and Lukas after the latter has confessed to killing Miwa. The two act as though this is a dream and they're are about to wake up together in Paris, before Lukas insists that Aimé must stay alive.
    Aimé: Did you know zis is all just a dream? A nightmare, yes. You’re going to wake up soon, and we’ll all be home.
    Lukas: That’s why, I need you to be alive, alright…? You must be alive- I’ll always be by your side.
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  • Jaz's reaction to chapter five's murder victims: Ginji and Nakunaru, her best friends in the base. Hearing both their voices, in particular Nakunaru telling her she was his only friend left and Ginji telling her not to lose hope and that he and Nakunaru would always be there for her, is enough to send her straight into a panic attack.
  • Mikazuki's dormitory, in which you can find a shrine for Miwa, featuring soft music. There's a picture of Miwa, with an item on either side; her old wig, and a dakimakura, featuring Miwa posed seductively and barely clothed.
  • Chapter five's trial as well. There's a lot of tear-jerker moments, including Jaz breaking down various times, but the worst is after Toru realizes he's about to be executed, and says his various goodbyes before giving a crying Hirashi his coat, I.D., gun, cat, and a big damn kiss- and then he's executed.
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  • Chapter six involves Jaz breaking down again, this time because the murder victim is her girlfriend.
  • Any wrongful executions are tear jerkers for the poor students involved, including, so far, Mayoi being wrongfully executed in chapter 2, and Shika being wrongfully executed in chapter 7.
  • In chapter 7, Nami losing Haruka, her "one opportunity for companionship", to quote the narration of the after-trial post.
  • In chapter 1's trial of Astral Blue, the class votes for the wrong person, Mirai, and Monobear decides to execute a random student, Honoka.
  • In chapter 2's trial of Astral Blue, the chapter 2 culprit is someone several classmates really liked. Kazumi breaks down in tears at the revelation that the culprit is Henri, and Exus also reacts badly. Even Choko, whose loved one Henri killed, is willing to give Henri a gift before Henri is executed.
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  • In chapter 3's trial of Astral Blue, again the culprit is someone several classmates really liked, this time Choko. Makoto, for instance, is driven to tears at Choko's coming execution.
  • In-universe, in chapter 3's trial of Astral Blue, some of the other students feel that Elara Sterling's backstory is a tear jerker when she reveals it to explain what was on her motive card.
  • In chapter 4 of Astral Blue, Shirogane has a very bad reaction to the victim, as it's his boyfriend. Upon discovering Exus' body - even more of a shock, as Shirogane hadn't checked his keycard - he goes to hold Exus' hand, begging him to come back and not to leave him here alone.
  • In chapter 5 of Astral Blue, the end of the trial is a tear jerker. The class mistrials, which causes Monobear to choose two innocent students to execute - Chiasa and Shirogane. But before he can do so, Kazumi challenges Monobear, causing Monobear to try to kill her, only for Atohi to jump in the way and take the blow for Kazumi. Most of the class is upset, to say the least, by this turn of events. Makoto yells at everyone who voted wrong, Elara breaks her usual stoic demeanor to start sobbing out of guilt, Genji shuts down, and Shirogane (almost, though the fear of a painful death is still there) looks forward to the execution, since (as he shouts just before being executed) at least this way he won't ever have to deal with his alcoholic father again.

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