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Tear Jerker / Assassin's Creed: Unity

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  • The death of Arno's father is a big one. Especially the way people fall silent when they realize that a little boy is seeing his father dead. The realistic animations of Arno's reactions, his state of shock and how he finally responds to Monsieur de la Serre's voice sells it.
    • For players of Rogue this is an ultimate You Bastard! moment, since in the epilogue of that game we had killed Arno's father via the Villain Protagonist Shay.
      • Speaking of which, If you connect AC Initiates to Unity, you can find Shay's Templar robes and wear them, Arno is wearing the robes of the man who murdered his father. Doubles as Fridge Horror
  • Arno returns to the De La Serre house, swears to Elise he had nothing to do with the death of her father despite their backgrounds, and then he finds out the contents of the letter he didn't deliver. Despite his pleading he didn't know what was inside, Elise replies, "Neither did my father." And rejects him. It really drives home the loss of something great for Arno.
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  • The fight against Pierre Bellec. He was really a cool character and the fact that he killed the one man who might have saved France from falling into violence is sad to see. His memories and recollection of Arno's father is also another one, since its probably the only time Arno will ever get to see his father again.
  • Elise's death and her last two letters.
    • Depending on your Point of View, her death kinda rings back to Mary Read's death in Black Flag (If you've got Initiates, you can wear Edward's robes for better effect). To make it sadder, Unlike Mary's death, Elise dies instantly and doesn't say any final words before dying. Beforehand, her last words would be "I'm sorry" (for leaving Arno under rubble just so she can kill the Big Bad).

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