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Tear Jerker / Assassin's Creed II

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Assassin's Creed II has several powerful moments.

  • Ezio powerlessly watches his father and two brothers (older and younger) be hanged by the traitorous Gonfaloniere Uberto Alberti and his mysterious hooded boss.
  • Reading some of the letters to Templars from their family members can be heartrending, especially Carlotta Moro's letter to her mentally-handicapped former husband, Dante Moro.
  • The final The Truth video, where you hear what were probably Subject 16's last words before he committed suicide: My mind is gone. Lucy, I can't wait any longer. I'm ready to go now. She sees me raise the knife... Especially sad due to the contrast to the earlier Truth videos where Sixteen is barely managing to hold himself together due to the trauma of extended stays in the Animus. This time he is completely calm, and at peace.
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  • The last codex in ACII is Altair's last writing, where he says he's not long for this world and doesn't think there's anything after this. After a whole game, a little scene in the middle of the 2nd game, and 29 codex pages you've come to know this man very well and are now reading the last thing he wrote before he died.
  • Seeing the cowardly Jacopo mortally wounded by Rodrigo is remarkably sad, considering how pathetic he has become. By the time Ezio reaches him, it's not an assassination anymore, it's a Mercy Kill.
  • Carlotta Moro's letter to the mentally-crippled Dante Moro, where she hopes that someday her former husband will be able to remember her and that she believes he still loves her, even with his mind destroyed. You only get to read this letter after you've killed Dante.
  • The title sequence is this for anyone who knows what happens to Ezio's family only a few days after that scene. The music that plays during this sequence seems designed to bring tears to the eyes.


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