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Tear Jerker / Assassins

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  • "Something Just Broke", the one truly honest and heartbreaking song in the show, about the everyday aftermath of an assassination.
  • Booth's solo in "The Ballad of Booth" qualifies, as well. At least until he calls the President a "nigger lover," at which point he loses all sympathy.
  • The reprise of "Everybody's Got The Right" was one in the original production.
  • Czolgosz's portion of "The Gun Song," where he meditates on all the men who labored in factories or mines and were injured or killed just to make a simple object which in turn will be used to kill more people.
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  • Some lyrics of the Ballad of Czolgosz are pretty damn sad, if you ignore the cheery melody.
  • Zangara's parts of "How I Saved Roosevelt" emphasize that he doesn't care who he kills because he has nothing in his life to lose.
  • "Unworthy of Your Love", which shows how desperate and sad people in Mad Love are.
  • The "I'm going to the Lordy" parts of "The Ballad of Guiteau.
  • Byck's final "Have It Your Way" monologue, which starts off being about cold hamburgers and ends up being about his Abusive Parents and his feelings of helplessness in the face of government corruption and dishonesty.
  • "Another National Anthem" has the assassins go through a group-Villainous Breakdown and (depending on the production) the Balladeer getting cornered and chased off or getting transformed into Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • When Guiteau runs up to President Garfield and asks to be made ambassador to France. It's the first time the eternally-cheerful and optimistic Guiteau wavers, and he sounds like he's about to cry as he has a moment clarity - his dream is silly and unattainable, and everyone thinks he's crazy.
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  • At the end of "November 22, 1963" in the 2004 revival, Lee Harvey Oswald shoots, then turns back to the audience - where his white shirt becomes a projection screen of actual footage of the JFK assassination.


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