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Tear Jerker / Ashita no Nadja

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  • Episode 5 has a moment where TJ and Kennosuke break out into a fight due to differing beliefs on how to interact with a lost little girl. The little girl bursts into sobbing and wailing, the sound of which is absolutely heartbreaking. It doubles as a Heartwarming Moment when Nadja holds the crying child tight and soothes her by singing the lullaby she'd always sang back at Applefield's.
  • The second half of episode 8, which deals with Raphael's backstory. Told to Nadja by Sylvie, who deeply and selflessly love Raphael but can't tell him because he's still grieving over his dead first wife. And Nadja actually acknowledging that love isn't only joy and happiness... Ouch, so sad.
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  • Despite how random it is, Jose's death qualifies, especially since Nadja never even learns about it.
  • Rosemary's Freak Out! over the apparent destruction of her dreams is heartbreaking. She tries to reassure herself that she's still "Princess Rosemary" and that a prince is coming for her, seeing the fantasy version of her in her reflection as usual. But then the lights go off and the reflection fades to reveal her true self in her ragged looking dress, soon accompanied by the sound of laughter from the party-goers downstairs, as though her dreams were being laughed at and ridiculed. It's enough to make reality around poor Rosemary start to distort as she grabs her head and can barely hold back tears. Now, she goes on to squander the audience sympathy, but the sympathy is still present during this particular scene.
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  • Similarly, Marianne's tears as it finally sinks in that she's the Unlucky Childhood Friend are very genuine, and even the haters who bashed her for interfering with their OTP couldn't hold it against her.
  • And practically every single episode in the more character-driven last arc, where Nadja has to fight damn hard to undo Rosemary's Batman Gambit, unravel all of Hermann's schemes to discredit her, and reclaim her right to see her mother. The whole audience cried every single damn one.

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