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Tear Jerker / Aphex Twin

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  • Here's a famous one: "Rhubarb"!
  • The songs on Selected Ambient Works Volume II can be split into two halves of categories - one half is pure Nightmare Fuel, while the other half is this.
  • "Avril 14th" and "jynweythek", with both being desolate piano pieces on Drukqs.
  • "Rhubarb", "Lichen", and "Stone in Focus", all of which are ambient SAW Vol II pieces.
  • Richard made the Aphex Twin name as a memorial of sorts to his older brother, also named Richard, who died at birth. The Girl/Boy EP cover is a picture of his grave decorated with flowers. And likewise, "Girl/Boy Song" is a pretty heavy listen despite being a thematically and aesthetically whimsical track.
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  • The utter Sweet Dreams Fuel that is "Flim" and "Fingerbib".
  • "Piano Un10 It Happened"
  • "Blue Carpet", which sounds like it came from the ending of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 but more synth-focused.
  • "Crying in Your Face" from Analord 4 features a recurring sample of what sounds like a voice saying "I don't want my friends to die."
  • The ambient synth piece "qu 1" is sad enough on its own, but add the fact that Richard announced his father Derek's death shortly before releasing it, and the song's cover art is a picture of Richard as a child with Derek, and it's devastating.
    • If that wasn't tragic enough, some of his replies to listeners elaborate more; Richard apparently watched his father die, had a realistic dream of him several days laternote , and his mother said that she'd rather die of COVID-19 than go on without her partner of 62 years.
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    • Even worse, if you download the song from his SoundCloud, you can find a message hidden in the metadata:
      See you on the other
      side dad

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