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Tear Jerker / Ant-Man

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  • Hank telling Hope what really happened to her mother: she went subatomic to stop a missile from hitting American soil. With that, Hope finally forgives her dad.
    • Earlier Hank explains that he can no longer use the suit due to the toll it took on his body. There's nothing more he wants than to take care of things himself in one last great adventure.
  • The death of Ant-Thony, the winged ant that Scott takes a liking to.
    Half the Internet: Why am I crying over an ant??
  • The fact that for a good portion of a film, Scott's past as a felon keeps getting brought up to his detriment, making it harder for him to find honest work and make ends meet for his own daughter's sake.
    • Recidivism rates (people who get out of prison but go back later in life for repeated offenses) in the United States are probably the highest in the world. Few places are willing to offer jobs to ex-convicts, so Scott taking the job to break into Hank's basement for a possible score despite wanting to be done with the burglar life is all too Truth in Television.
    • There's also the fact that, even though he's trying to get an apartment and good enough pay for child support, Scott can't even work at a Baskin Robbins. More specifically, he could've, if he had put his record down upfront (as Baskin-Robbins is one of the places that does accept ex-criminals for hiring)... but because he didn't, even they turned him away because they had to.
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  • When Scott shows up at Cassie's birthday party, uninvited and unannounced, Maggie tells her ex-husband that until he gets a place of residence, a job, and can pay child support, he cannot go near their daughter. We later see Scott doing some calculations to roughly find out how long it will take to meet Maggie's requirements, and at the bottom of the page reads, "three hundred seventy-seven days until I can see Cassie."
  • Scott calling himself expendable when talking to Hope leads to a heartwarming moment, but it really highlights just what he thinks of himself. He says it so casually that it becomes clear his self worth is so low he feels risking his life so he can get a chance to see his daughter is perfectly acceptable.
  • Scott visiting Cassie while she's asleep is this and a heartwarming moment. There is no dialogue at all during this scene, but none is needed to show exactly why Scott is doing this... and just what he has to lose if he fails.
    • When Scott goes subatomic, he's certainly not unaware of the consequences. He has to do so quickly, leaving him no time to say goodbye or tell Cassie that he loves her. He knows that she will likely never find out where he went. He also has to do all of this while she's just a few feet away.
      Scott: I'm gonna have to shrink between the molecules to get in there.
      Cassie: Daddy, help!
      Scott: I love you, Cassie.
      • Scott hearing Cassie screaming for her father as he fades away from her forever... although it promptly becomes Awesome when the sound of her voice motivates him to find a way out.
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  • After begging Scott if he remembers anything from being in the Quantum Realm, Hank takes a moment to stare at a photo of him and his wife and wonders if it's possible that Janet is still alive.
  • In the second post-credits scene, Bucky, looking worse for wear, trapped in some kind of vise, clearly shaken, mouthing "help me" to Steve and Sam.
  • For animal lovers, whenever Darren uses visibly frightened lambs for his tests, especially when the first one fails.

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