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Tear Jerker / Anne of Green Gables

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  • Matthew's death. Though there's plenty of foreshadowing, it's still shocking.
  • Also, Gilbert almost dying of typhoid fever in Anne of the Island. Anne's anguish can be palpably felt.
  • The death of Joyce, Anne's first child who lived for less than a day.
    • To add insult to injury, a few days after Anne gets a telegram from Phillipa Gordon, congratulating her.
  • Walter's death in World War I.
    • Even more so, his last letter. And before that his anguish over how he was afraid to enlist and thought himself a coward for it. His and Rilla's final conversation before he goes overseas is at once beautiful and tragic.
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  • Anne's childhood before she came Marilla and Matthew.
  • In Anne's House of Dreams, the entire back-story of Leslie Moore, including seeing her brother crushed to death under a wagon, her father's suicide, marrying a horrible man so he wouldn't evict her mother, her mother's subsequent death, etc.
  • In Anne of the Island, in which Gilbert professes his love for Anne and asks her to marry him and she tells him she can never love him.
  • Anne's childhood friend Ruby Gillis admitting that she is aware of the fact that she is dying, followed by her death in Anne of the Island.
  • Little loveable Bruce Meredith drowning his own kitten in hopes it will bring the missing in action Jem back safely. A horrifying moment by anyone's standard, when one considers this is a young child willing to kill his very favourite pet and actually believing it will make Jem return.


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