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Tear Jerker / And Then There Were None

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The blessed relief when you know that you've done with it all that you haven't got to carry the burden any longer. You'll feel that too some day...
General MacArthur

Amidst the mystery and the psychological horror, And Then There Were None offers some tragic moments.

The book

  • Among the guests, General MacArthur has the saddest backstory. His wife's lover was a soldier under his command during World War I, so the General sent him out in a mission with no chance of survival. He didn't gain anything from his crime, since his wife died shortly after the war, leaving him alone with his guilt. Once the accusations are brought up, he calmly accepts the impending death. Owen kills him quickly because of it.
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  • Hugo, Vera's lover and the uncle of the boy she set to die, becomes an alcolholic after his nephew's death. Vera never thought that the boy dying and Hugo knowing he's the cause would kill any chance of the two to be together.

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