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Tear Jerker / An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

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  • When the cats attacked the Mousekewitzes and the Toponis does it when you realize that these families had accomplished so much in the first movie, but they're still being attacked by cats. What made it worse was that Tony and Bridget now have a baby that was being attacked.
  • Miss Kitty’s regret at leaving Tiger, it’s the first time we see the otherwise confident and snarky woman vulnerable. This makes the moment they get back together all the sweeter.
  • Then there was during the train ride to Green River. When Chula tries to throw Fievel off the train, his screams alert his family and the other mice passengers, and when Papa sees Fievel in danger, he goes Papa Wolf and tries to save him, only to be held back by Mama, Tanya, and the other passengers. One even tells him it's suicide with shouting to him, "Don't be a fool, Mousekewitz!" As a result, when they reach Green River, the family are carrying heavy hearts over losing Fievel again, but this time, unlike before, all of them, not just Tanya, know that Fievel is alive and will find his way back to them.
    • And indeed, after being rescued by Tiger and the Mousehicans, Fievel travels in style to Green River in a tumbleweed, and happily reunites with his family, who are relieved to see him safe and sound.
  • Tanya's song "Dreams to Dream". It even makes ruthless Cat R. Waul weak. And you thought "Somewhere Out There" from the first film struck your heartstrings.
  • Wylie's last speech to Fievel as the two of them gaze upon the sunset. It becomes especially poignant when you consider that this was Jimmy Stewart's final role before he passed away. It makes for a truly bittersweet but fitting sendoff to one of the last great actors of the Golden Age of film.