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Tear Jerker / Amelia Rules!

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  • "The Things I Cannot Change" and much of "Superheroes."
  • Amelia returning home one day to find her parents in the middle of an argument on the phone. This can hit other kids whose parents have divorced pretty hard.
  • Pajamaman revealed to be a poor kid in "A Very Ninja Christmas".
  • The ending of "Her Permanent Record". In spades.
  • Amelia's letter to the author of the self-help book in "The Tweenage Guide to Not Being Unpopular."
    • On a similar note, Jenny Gray's fate to forever being a social outcast at school due to simply wearing two mismatched socks.
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  • When Joan's dad was assumed to be killed in a flight accident in The Meaning of Life...and Other Stuff."
  • Amelia hitting Ira in a flashback (breaking their friendship), shown in "The Meaning of Life...and Other Stuff".
    • Thankfully, it later gets resolved.

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