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Tear Jerker / Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman

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  • While Theodore's actual transformation into a werewolf for the first time gives off a couple laughs, the scene where he actually gets bitten doesn't. The poor chipmunk is clearly panicked, crying and sniffling as he tells Dave what happened. While Dave consoles Theodore, it's clear he's concerned too. For all he knew, his son, chipmunk or not, could've contracted something like Rabies.
    • The side effects of Lycanthropy is this too. Theodore, who's usually known as the sweet one, has noticeably become braver... with a side of irritability and even cruelty. It's clear to the Chipmunks and Dave that something is wrong with him.
  • The song Alvin and Simon sing when they don't know if they can save Theodore is catchy, yes, but still sad as the two are clearly worried for their younger brother.
    We don't know what you're going through
    We just hope you're gonna be alright
    Now tell us, tell us
    What should we do
    Now that the monster is out in you?
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  • Theodore getting bullied near the beginning of the film can really hit home for people with a similar experience.
  • When the transformed Theodore has Eleanor cornered and it looks like he's about to attack her. He pauses when he sees the gift he gave her (the necklace that came with Alvin's monster manual which Alvin tossed out of a window and Theodore went to give to her and Theodore was bitten on his way home from giving it to her). When he does he backs away and runs off in shame when she recognizes him.
  • Alvin and Simon visit Madame Raya for advice on how to deal with werewolf!Theodore, but her first two suggestions are to shoot him with a Silver Bullet or strike him down with a silver cane. Alvin then desperately asks her if there's any cure that ends with Theodore alive.
    Madame Raya: ...most people don't want the werewolf alive.


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