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Tear Jerker / Akiko Shikata

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  • Akiko has done many songs about being separated from a loved one, whether by death or not. Examples include (but are not limited to) "Souheki no Mori" and "Reimei ~Aurora~" from RAKA, and "Tsuisouka" from Harmonia.
    • Of these, "Tsui no Hate" from Istoria~Kalliope~ may be the saddest, as it is told from the point of view of Orpheus after he failed to bring Eurydice back from the underworld. The finale, which shows an increasingly broken down Orpheus going farther and farther into the deep end, until his whispers finally fade away, is completely soul-crushing.
  • "Byakumu no mayu~Ricordando il passato~" is bad enough in itself. Listening to it in the context of Umineko's ending is worse. Listening to it in context and understanding the lyrics is sure to empty your stock of tissues for the next year. It is basically a man talking about perpetuating the memory of his dead lover so that it is never soiled, and praying that she may now rest in peace after a life of suffering.
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  • Try listening to Navigatoria's version of "Sorriso" while understanding the lyrics and thinking of the person you love the most in the world. Doubles as heartwarming.
  • Two songs on Utau Oka~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~ are particularly heartrending. "Resshikougi~Raikoku no Tenshi~" ends with the princess in the song murdering her beloved and killing herself immediately after. "Infelious Rhaplanca. Ten no Inori ~Rhaplanca~/Chi no Aganai ~Maoh~" is about Rhaplanca's self-sacrifice to save the people of her city, and Maoh mourning her and promising to take care of the world to fulfill her wishes.
  • While "EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/.~ee wassa sos yehar" is mostly an angry, Nightmare Fuel-filled song, the part that starts at 2:47 and ends at 3:14 is a reflection of the singing character's feelings of disappointment toward the people that caused the death of her beloved and the project to which she dedicated her whole life to fail. The meanings of the lyrics and the sound of the violin in it are truly depressing.
  • "Kaseki no Rakuen" (Fossilized Paradise) from Turaida is a rather abstract song, but seems to be about someone who takes refuge in their own mental world and are terrified of anything from the outside that might come to destroy it - including kindness, pity...or love, describing them all as "innocent blades". Overall, it's a song full of despair, from someone who is afraid of calling for help.
    • Immediately following that song is "Hanenaki Hana" (A Wingless Flower), which Akiko says is part of the same story. It's also very despair-filled, talking about how everything will "vanish into the mist" and how the speaker can't "ascertain the existence of [their] own heart."

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