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Tear Jerker / Akazukin Chacha

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  • In episode 15, Chacha takes care of a baby frankenstein monster made as a trap by Professor Hawking, except that frankenstein got so attached to her that he lost his edge. So when Hawking boosts his edge and turns him into a relentless monster, Chacha can't even bring herself to shoot him with the beauty serene arrow.
  • In episode 25, Shiine, who got hypnotized by Yordas, doesn't want to combine his powers, and tries to get Riiya to save her, since she always calls him first. Riiya, in tears, tries to tell him that it's always been the three combining their powers all the time.
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  • Access's defeat in episode 33. Shiine couldn't comprehend why he left him in Dorothy's care until he told him that it was so he couldn't suffer in the evil world. It gets worse when Dorothy mentions that his mom is held prisoner by Daimao.
  • Seeing Marine in the apple class again in episode 53 makes you feel bad for her when she mentions that she's jealous of the fun the banana class is having, which shows that she doesn't just wanna be there because of Riiya.
  • The scene where Chacha, Riiya and Shiine seal away the Magical Princess items along with the gate to hell in episode 56.
  • Since his debut in episode 37, Barabaraman's Running Gag was always that thorns would spread all over his body whenever he gets happy, scaring everyone around him in the process. This was always played for laughs in every episode he's in, but episode 63 shows how much this truly hurts him when he reveals that he's always been all alone because of his thorns since childhood and was never able to participate in any 3-legged race event.

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