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Tear Jerker / Aida (John/Rice)

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  • Mereb's Dark Reprise of "How I Know You".
    Mereb: There is time, there is a place when love should conquer all. The rest of life is pushed aside as truth and reason fall. But, only if that selfishness can lead to something good. I thought I knew you, Princess, but I never understood. I don't know you...I don't know you..."
  • "Written in the Stars". Some of the lines especially so.
    Sometimes, in my darkest thought, I wish I'd never learned
    What it is to be in love, and have that love returned
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  • "I Know the Truth". After the lovers have departed, Amneris walks out, revealing that she's heard everything and finally facing the fact that her upcoming marriage is a sham—"it's over, it never began"—all the while still getting ready for her wedding. She doesn't even need to tell us how devastated she is by all of this, it's evident in her stunned expression and her body language. It's an utterly heart-breaking moment for someone who hasn't really done anything wrong except be oblivious to the fact that Radames doesn't love her.
  • Amneris confronting her fiancé, and her closest friend, before their trial. If how truly devastated she was by their betrayal wasn't evident enough during "I Know the Truth," the once vivacious and kind princess now shows a solemn and icy demeanor.
  • Amneris' speech to her father as he sentences the two lovers to death for treason. Amneris knows he is dying from Zoser's poison, and if he kills the two she will be completely and utterly alone. She exercises her role as future Pharaoh and allows the lovers to die together, an act of mercy for two people she has come to love.
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  • Mereb's death.
  • "Elaborate Lives (Reprise)"/"Enchantment Passing Through (Reprise)", as the lovers are slowly deprived of light and air, embracing one last time before the tomb is sealed for good, with Radames promising to "search through a hundred lifetimes to find you again".


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