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Tear Jerker / Aggressive Retsuko

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The TBS Shorts

  • The TBS Valentine's Day episode where Retsuko tries to give Resasuke a heart box that is filled with chocolates only for her to be too late to give it to him since he's already on the train. Retsuko is then seen eating the chocolates from the box alone in her house.
  • The Christmas episode where she celebrates Christmas alone in her house.

The Netflix Series
You did the right thing, Retsuko.
  • "Walking Down the Aisle" has Retsuko giving the traditional 30,000 yen - which she can barely afford - as a wedding gift and is reduced to eating cheap carbs instead of full lunches. She's so embarrassed by this she hides in the Archive Room to eat lunch, musing that she doesn't want Haida and Fenneko to see her like that.
  • The Season One finale has multiple instances of this. One being Retsuko becoming heartbroken at Boss Ton's words on how (through the metaphor of accounting) one can't keep giving and giving if the other doesn'to give in return, a parallel between her and Resasuke. It hits her hard and even begs Ton to allow her to do something after the company's ledgers began dropping.
    • As an extension of this, how badly everyone around Retsuko notices something is wrong with her relationship with Resasuke. While her friends try to be supportive of her, Washimi and Gori try and fail to convince Retsuko that Resasuke's not treating her well and even Tsubone asks her if she's alright when her work starts slipping. Even when Retsuko briefly has a moment of anger during a date (after several scenes of her ankles being worn down), she represses her anger to the point of going to a Heroic BSoD in the bathroom while she convinces herself that she'll be a happy girlfriend. The fact it's Ton saying something finally gets across how bad things are to Retsuko.
  • The worst one has to be where Retsuko takes Resasuke to her karaoke room to let out her rage at his plainness through Death Metal screams...only for Resasuke to not realize what she said and simply approving of her singing. The expression Retsuko gives is hard to see, especially when she quietly says "It's over".
    • It's actually more painful afterwards where we're shown Resasuke's plant-filled house and he lets out a quiet, and surprisingly somber "I'm home" when it hits him that his relationship with Retsuko's over.
    • Resasuke's relation to Retsuko as a whole is this. He is a Nice Guy and can hold conversations with someone, but the problem is that he has No Social Skills and thus when he's told that Retsuko likes him, he's confused and only asks her out because his colleague told him to, was only doing what he was told to do, and has no idea how to treat Retsuko properly. He's just as clueless to romance as Retsuko is.
    • This is actually prevalent if you see his interactions with Retsuko in his introduction episode: Resasuke literally has a decent and calm chat with her (granted on their phones, but still!) and even goes to check on her after she went to the bathroom during the Single's Night trip. It's even implied he took her to her apartment since she was too drunk to go home herself. Which makes this Oblivious to Love relationship with Retsuko saddening.
  • Haida's predicament in the second half of Season 1 can hit a lot of people hard: He genuinely loves Retsuko and struggles to ask her out because he Can't Spit It Out. There's even a scene from Episode 6 where Fenneko offhandedly mentions hearing him rant about her not being with them and drinking himself into oblivion because of it. When he learns about Retsuko is dating Resasuke, he's devastated and even goes as far as to walk in the rain in his sad state and catches pneumonia as a result!
    Haida: *laying in the sidewalk, the rain hitting him* Could I be more pathetic...?
    • Fenneko also gets this as well, as when she confronts Haida about it, all she can do is give out a sad "I'm sorry" to him.
  • "We Wish You a Metal Christmas" reveals that Retsuko turned Haida down, though they're back to being friends by the end of it.
    • A rather poignant moment regarding this comes up. Haida tries to invite Retsuko to a Christmas party - really just a date with him and maybe Fenneko as mediator - and encounters her in the tea room. When he actually tries to spit it out, however, he stumbles, hesitates, and the mere memory of Retsuko gently letting him down is enough for him to switch subject. More heartbreaking when Retsuko might have accepted it, considering half the special is Retsuko trying to find someone to spend Christmas with.
    • Tsunoda, who spent all the episode helping Retsuko becoming more successful on social media, is shown at the end of the episode in a fancy restaurant with her date, who is babbling endlessly while she scrolls on her phone, bored. She only perks up when she sees Retsuko's post about eating ramen with Washimi and Gori. Being popular online doesn't seem all that's cracked up to be.
  • Despite how much of a Jerkass Ton was to Retsuko early in season 1, hearing about his own office conditions might hit a certain spot to an older audience. An unhappy work environment with no way to improve your own conditions aside from gritting your teeth, working hard, and outdoing those above you every way you could, even in their worse behaviors. And by the time you've come to a position of comfort, you look around and realize you've become the kind of person you once hated and are now hated yourself by those around you, but know no other way to act in your work environment.
  • While it is mostly Played for Laughs, Retsuko's relationship with her mom can seriously hit home for a lot of people who deal with similar circumstances. In the first two episodes of Season 2 alone, Retsuko's mom breaks into her house without permission, bugs her endlessly on the phone, and forcedly sets her up with someone whose picture she Photoshopped. One can't help but feel bad for Retsuko in these moments.
  • Seeing Retsuko suffer much worse in the beginning episodes of Season at the hands of Anai is both this and Nightmare Fuel, since it comes off as someone bullying another co-worker just because they can't handle people saying they're wrong.
  • Retsuko learning Shirota found a partner is...heartbreaking, especially for anybody who waits for a special someone...only to learn they're with someone else.
    Retsuko: What's going on? Why is that such a shock? I mean, it's not like I was head over heels for the guy, right?... So why does my chest hurt?
  • The focus of Retsuko lamenting how while it's good she wants to drive..she doesn't know what she'll do after that. A very fitting feeling anybody can relate too...
  • The Season Two finale: "Wonderful Life", all of it: Retsuko reveals her desires to Tadano about wanting to be married ala Metal Music, in comparison to him feeling that marriage is pointless...and the next scene has him walking out of the karaoke bar with a look of heartbreak and then a shot of a crying Retsuko being comforted by Washimi and Gori.
  • Perhaps the most heartwrenching thing about Retsuko's life is that for all rights and merits, Retsuko's mom was correct about what was best for Retsuko, as she in the end does want to be married and was upset when Shirota, the first person her mom set her up with, had moved on.

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