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Tear Jerker / Aftermath: Empire's End

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  • Jar Jar's current predicament as a street clown, given he was removed from his position as a senator and eventually exiled by the Gungans yet again for inadvertently helping Palpatine rise to power. Worse, since The Clone Wars revealed that he has a girlfriend, it is highly likely either Queen Julia and the rest of the Dagoyan Order were hunted down and killed by the Empire for being Force users, or if they survived, they turned against their former hero after learning of his actions. Either way, Jar Jar seems to have lost almost every person that has ever considered him a friend, whether he knows it or not (C-3PO is still around, but any memories of the Gungan have been erased).
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  • Marrok - Embo's pet anooba from later episodes of The Clone Wars - died offscreen (possibly from old age if something else didn't kill him given that it's been more than twenty years following Embo's last chronological appearance, and canines don't normally live that long). To see Embo without one of his most consistent companions - who was also big softy when he wasn't fighting - is a little heartbreaking, especially for pet owners who've lost pets themselves.
  • Temmin places the last significant piece of Mr. Bones on Brentin's chest just before his burial and tells him to take care of his dad in the afterlife.

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